Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"


I may have not have gotten my flash 2004 yet, but this sure will come in handy when I start as a Flash Artist.

Helbereth responds:

Well I hope it does. Remember if you're a student you can get MX 2004 for $100 (rather than $500). You can't make money with it as a student, but oh well.

The most helpful thing ever

So helpful and so good :D

Go Newbie Animators!

Helbereth responds:

*bored with the good reviews*

Thanks, and do stick around for the after-show! I hear they have a white tiger and some amazons...


This is great (specially noobs) has a great in depth look into the technqiues keep up the good work :)

Helbereth responds:

When I was learning flash my biggest problem was the incoherent tutorials out there that only explain half of what they show you, and don't even do a half-ass job at that.

I'm likely making a series of these, but I hope I can keep the quality up.

This really helps n00bs

This is a good tutorial I mean I'm a noob at flash this really helpd
me out a lot thanks

Helbereth responds:

Well you're welcome, n00b!


Thanks for the review!

This helped me out alot

thanks this helped me out alot with
the scripted camera that was very helpfull

i gave you 1 for violence for the airplane :)

this is a great tutorial

Helbereth responds:

Thanks, I try. What I'd like to see is the inclusion of that camera as part of an updated version of flash. It's like a program utility.

Aah the airplane... so pointless... but so necessary.

Thanks for the review!