Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"


Pros : That was xtremely helpful. Now my fairies don't look like little balls with 4 wings popping out :D Each step for making a certain thing was easy to follow and to understand. Top wrok tutorial.

Cons : None (bless your soul :D)

Helbereth responds:

Y'know the only problem with all the good reviews is the fact that I don't really know the major pitfalls of the tutorial...

I know what I didn't include, and what people want me to make tutorials for...

However, I don't know if there were any real problems with the presentation that would be fixed easily. So far every problem encountered has been with people misreading the scripted camera section - which, I'll admit, was rushed a bit and quite generalized.

Oh well, thanks for the review!

Very Helpful

Can't believe you took the time replying to all of these reviews. Shouldn't you be making another one for us?

Helbereth responds:

Well considering I write at about 1000 words per hour, responding isn't difficult. I am working on another tut, but I doin't plan for it to come out 'til early next year (aiming at January).

Besides, if you got all these good reviews wouldn't you be happy to respond?

Thanks for the review!


Thanx, you helpt' me a lot...

Helbereth responds:

Sure, no problem. Anytime!

Thanks for the review!

Extremely Helpful and Easy to Understand

I'm a beginner to Flash, and of all the tutorials I've seen, this is one of the most helpful. The step by step procedures were easy to follow, and the presentation was well delivered. All in all I give it a big, fat 5/5.

Helbereth responds:

Thanks, I did try to make it as comprehensible as possible. The presentation actually came last... Origiinally all the tuts had the same bland, pale green background. But I thought I should include some things that you could create with some of the knowledge being imparted... so I made better backgrounds, made the airplane, created the rather complex credits (timed to music and everything), scripted a few events into the tuts...

I actually used a bunch of skills that are not explained in this. I did a fair amount of fbf with the shadowy leaping guy and the explosion is all fbf (except the smoke after the explosion... that's a masked shape tween).

When i get around to making the Bigger Fatter Tutorial (planned for January 2006), I'll go into that stuff more, delve into scripted camera techniques, probably create some fully formed characters made for tweening... all that stuff.

Anyway, I'm babbling. Thanks for the review!

Very informative

The title does it justice. It's big, it's fat, and it's a tutorial. Good job.

Helbereth responds:

I named it that when it started getting out of hand.

I originally started with just 3 tutorials, but then I added 3 more... then all the peripheral stuff and it just kept building and.... well let's just say I had to release it so I could get my life back...

Thanks for the review!