Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"


Im learning flash myself and all these informations were very usefull! You should make more tutorial (preloaders, animations tips stuff like that) all your explanations are cristal clear

Helbereth responds:

Thanks. I plan to make more, but I have a few other things I want to do first. Making a tutorial is an annoying process - far more annoyng and tedious than a movie, imo - and I'd rather give myself recovery time so my next one isn't just a rehash.

Thanks for the review!


I have just started to make some smallsmallsmallsmall Flash movies. Im really just exploring the program right now. But this was extremly helpfull :D
Great thing that you didin't exlude all the small n00b things and showed how you do EVERYTHING. Thanks man!

Helbereth responds:

There's nothing wrong with small movies - so long as they're made well. All the n00b things, eh? Well I just kinda wrote those in as I explained the other stuff. That way I don't lose the newbies before I finish explaining what I'm doing.

Thanks for the review!

Not bad...

Not bad at all. One of the best tutorials I've ever find. It has been a pleasure to know that someone is willing to give his/her helping hand. Cheers to the effort for the job well done. Bravo!!!

Helbereth responds:

Thanks, I try. I'd like to have a reason to get more protection points, so I figured maybe that could be improved by providing help to the flash community.

Thanks for the review!

Possibly the greatest tut on newgrounds

This is an EXTREMELY straightforward tutorial, using basic techniques to create advanced appearing settings. It is an incredible blend of learning and fun, and the cartoon element adds enjoyability and the feeling that flash isnt a complicated program, but simply what you can make of it.
This is a very good tutorial, i recommend anyone who hasn't already done so by now to take a quick look. It really does explain how to make amazing backgrounds and miscellanious things. My congratulations to the author, the first flash ive seen him produce here, but i could have missed a few, and it is incredible. We need more tutorials like this for the newbies!
Again, Amazing! I am very very impressed

Helbereth responds:

This is the first one I put a lot of work into, really. There were 3 others but I was mostly testing to see if people got my sense of humor - and my sense of scares. My batting average is probably permanently scarred by the first two. The third I'm proud of.

In any case, I intentionally spent time to make it as straightforward as possible. No one word explanations, and no lack of reasons why something works. I even slipped in suggestions here and there on how to make use of the different processes.

Virtually all the peripheral stuff was added to help people with short attention spans. One with ADD will tend to turn it off if they get bored. I slipped in as many things as I could think of (or, well, as many as I thought I needed) for them to click on when they get bored somewhere. Or something that jumps out and catches their attention to keep them involved.

Most of it came out as a stream of thought or was born out of the wording I used (the airplane came out of the 'layer planes' description).

The credits were just fun to make.

Anyway, I hope it gets used. 25k views means a lot of people have seen it (and probably reopened it to view something again), but I hope a lot more see it and find ways to make use of it.

Thanks for the review!

great tut

had a lil prob tho with the action script for the camera cuz it not working for me (don't know bout anyone else) a lil help please


Helbereth responds:

You're only the 4000th person with a camera problem, so don't feel bad.

So far there have been 3 possible answers:

1. You're using Flash MX or earlier and lack Actionscript 2.0, which is required for the camera (MX 2004 is a later version, and has AS 2.0).

2. You copied the script wrong. Not many people do this, but it's an easy slip-up.

3. You have Flash MX 2004 or later but your publish settings are farked. To check, go to file>publish settings>flash and check the actionscript dropdown menu. If it's not set to AS 2.0, change it and the camera should function proplerly.

A few tips that came up after I finished the tutorial:

1. Make sure the camera frame and crosshairs are centered in the movie clip. Otherwise (if it's not centered), the frame will be skewed when you play it back.

2. Make sure you can see through the frame (set the alpha settings for the fill color), otherwise you can't see what you're aiming at when you adjust your camera on the stage.

3. If you have any problems feel free to e-mail me at Helberethmail@hotmail.com. I don't check every day, but I usually get around to it every few days.

I'm probably going to go through and make some minor changes to the tut over the weekend. There's a few spelling errors nagging me, and I'm going to add these tips to the camera section.

Anyway, thanks for the review!