Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"

Wooow shizzle!

Pizzle ma nizzle fo shizzle, this tutorial is great, it has helped me ALOT and its the best tutorial ive ever tryd, thanks alot!

Helbereth responds:

Well, eubonics isn't a language I'd make an attempt to imitate since I don't know the first thing about it. however this sounds like good news for me (your review), so I'll thank you for that, and thank you for saying it's the best you've ever tried.

Awsome tutorial and thanks a bunch! :D lol

Good job Helbereth!

I just started using Flash and this really helped me out. Finally, my crappy, flash files are turning out to be more beautiful than disgusting. Hopefully one day I'll become a great flash artist, but till that day comes, please make more tutorials! :D

As they say in France, merci et au revoir!
[O O] [O O]

Helbereth responds:

Ah, Bien!

Another good review. I finally got this thing in the tuts section (all it took was an e-mail to tom), so I guess I'll be getting more reviews to respond to.

Let me reitorate that you can send any questions about the tutorial or flash in general to me (helberethmail@hotmail.com), and I'll try to answer them if I can.

Good luck with your flash work!

dident help me

this still dont help me

Helbereth responds:

Thanks for the input, but I think you should have thought about what you were typing before you submitted this lucid rambling as a review.

I'm not certain how you came to an overall 5, but, then again, nothing about your review makes sense.

Thanks for taking the time to click on some buttons.

best tutorial yet

all you ppl you got see this best tutorial it will help you a lot

Helbereth responds:

I'm guessing you liked it, though that's difficult to discern from that jumble of words. The scores speak for themselves, so thanks. Good luck with your flash projects.


i love it........