Reviews for "The Big Fat Tutorial"

good tut

good work. u helped me a lot :) i hope u make another tutorial thats as good as this one.

Helbereth responds:

Well, you're welcome! I hope I'll be able to match this one's score with another tut sometime soon, but that depends on how many other projects I have taking up my time.

Thanks for the review!


ouw...reeally interesting it help me alot but the music got a little anoying >_< bwtv the rest was awsum and at the end i found that hillarious anyways good job ..

Helbereth responds:

Thanks. You should know - if it wasn't obvious already - that the music can be shut off on almost every screen (except the credits and the object viewer). As for the taste in music, most people haven't complained - especially since there's 6 songs to pick from.

In any case, thanks for the review. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by the end...it's not like there was really an end... but if it was funny, that's fine by me.

thanks! that helped!

the fairies were very helpfull as i wanted something to make my backgrounds seem more alive, rather then just flat and lifeless! love the "swirl" good luck for the future!

Helbereth responds:

Heh, the swirl was an impulse... I just kinda made it and thought about it afterward - when I realized how cool it looked. Just remember you can use the same kind of motion with other things like bugs, birds etc..

Thanks for the review!


Wow, that was truly AMAZING! You truly do deserve your place in the 'Learn Flash' list! :) I also loved the 3D camera, I'd seen it before on a tutorial but it never told me how to use it. Making fairies in a completely different style that most people would use - well, I learned alot there! I hope you make more excellent tutorials and animations! Good luck for future Flashes,

Helbereth responds:

Yeah I had to go straight to the top to get it on the list, but I eventually remembered to send the e-mail...

I'd never seen it in a tutorial before. I'd seen hints of its use in some flashes, but I never saw it explained except on the Brackenwood site - and not everyone even knows that place exists.

A different style? I dunno, I just made them how I thought they looked good. I never thought of them as being particularly stylish. Simple, perhaps, but not stylish.

I'll definitly be making more animation (I enjoy doing so), and I plan to build another tut once my calendar reveals a void between projects.

Thanks for the review! Good luck to you too!

Pure awesome!

This is so far the most immersive and beautifully-done Flash tutorial I've seen yet. I especially liked funding out how to do the 3-D environments. Thanks, man, you've helped me kick my skillz up a notch!

Helbereth responds:

Well, thanks, I did try to make it easy to get into. The 3D thing is really an old trick that I just incorporated into flash (quite easily, I might add). I think it's been done by several people in flash before, but nobody ever really went over it.

I hope it does help you, and I thank you for the great review!