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Reviews for "DJ Derrick--New Trance (WIP)"

just gets better

your stuff is geting better.

Yodamanjaro responds:

I know, thanks for the review!


You should make a song out of the patern at 1:00!

That would rock!

Yodamanjaro responds:

lol I know. Thanks for the review!

Yummy like Cake and Pie

I liked it but I am more of into fast beat songs, 4:00-5:50 is my fav part of the song. But still, I enjoyed it 10/10.

Yodamanjaro responds:

thanks man!

I Feel A Resemblance

To something else .Couldn't possibly place it.

Really nice, and the intro captures the feeling, but i think the progression is a bit too slow...

Then it picks up into more trance. Real nice, AMAZING beat. I would place this part as more house than trance, though.

Some reason i like it more than normal.
Great work, but the back beat is simple. You need some more things in the background. I know you are trying to keep it simple here, but its missing something. Just, something. Like the cherry on top.

Anyway, other than the intro and missing some little piece (its tranqual, almost perfect) its amazing. And as i continue to type and listen, i think that little cherry is no longer important. Something could be added, but nay, is not missing - just isn't there.

And once again, i think i would most definately call this House.


Yodamanjaro responds:


Okay, let's sit here and pause. "I would place this part as more house than trance."
This song by definition is "trance." Not ifs, not buts, not exceptions. I put it under ambient because it's a more ambient kind of trance. If you want to get specific, this is dream/epic trance. House is waaaay different than this. I'm here to correct you, not necessarily make fun of you becuase I fear that you just dont' ahve the grasp of the electronica genres, which is okay. You aren't sitting here calling this techno, so all is good.

Okay, now here is how you can tell it's trance and not house.

1. It's more emotional.
2. the instruments used here are more "air-y".
3. It's a bit slower than most trance tracks, but is right below the normal tempo.
4. The instruments themselves are classic trance synths.
5. House has a high clap/snare on 2 and 4. I purposefully turned down this clap. If I wanted it to be house, I'd make the bass fatter and I'd crank that clap up, along with a different clap cause that's not a house clap.

Now what I would recommend for you is that you should Google Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music. There you will find all of the electronic genres, hear samples of the genres and you can then tell what you are talking about. I"m sorry I coudn't help but laughing, you aren't the first (seriously) to tell me what I produce is House and not trance.

Now sitting this aside, thank you for your review!

Nice song.

Everybody, though it is still snowing heavily across the Earth shed their heavy coats. People climbing out of roofs and children eagerly running out to view a spectacle. Some of the older generations bring tears to their eyes. It is a global facination, a wonder, and a relief. Some people even strip to their skin and everyone spreads their arms out wide. The sun has broken throught the barriers of the nuclear winter. It is time to start anew. Time to plant seed that will flourish under the long-awaited sun. Time to celebrate. Time to sing... Time to cheer... And time, finally, to bathe in the warmth of the sun for hours and hours until the pale skin of persons cannot take it anymore...

Greeat song.

~Depes Hales~

Yodamanjaro responds:

I like it. Thanks for the review!