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Reviews for "SMRPG: World Map Theme"


A very nice take of the SMRPG world overview map song. I would have never thought to hear that song remix in such a way to turn out to be this unique and enjoyable. I can sort of hear the original beat but it really feels like a totally new reinvention of the song. It really has nice feels and flow throughout and really is a nice listen. Keep up the good work!

Soundshifter responds:

thank you very much :)


I am very impressed of what you did in this remix of what was just a 5-10 second loop in the Super Mario RPG World Map theme,coming up with beats to last 3 1/2 minutes is amazing and it sounding good with a consistent set of beats takes a stroke of genius and i absolutely loved it,excellent job man. =D

Soundshifter responds:

thanks man :D!!

Son... I am impress

It's incredible how you made this remix from such a simple song as the SMRPG map theme. This is so awesome. You have my vote and 10/10 stars.

Soundshifter responds:


i'm interested in this piece of music

this song is a epic and i'm all inspired by music especially piano kind of music
i just wonder who can really transcribe this piece of beautiful tune in to piano sheet.
not the original but yours only yours because all of these sound you mix at the background act as a support to the original beat which made this song the best because the effects like surrounding and (paning) <--- did you use it... anyway you made this song perfect

btw i never play this game before so imagine how this song affect me so badly

Can i request something ??? regarding about this music may i have a piano sheet for this music you made ???

You've really altered this into something even more amazing. I love this so much.