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Reviews for "SMRPG: World Map Theme"


Nice music! Yeah, the "techno" thing gave a nice rhythim to the song... because it's simple... and simple is good, wonderful how you maneged this without making it sounds repetitive. 5/5, 9/10 because of something about 2:41 that i didn't liked very much... i think you broke the sweetness.. but it's just a little section! Awesome work!

Soundshifter responds:

thanks a lot gulba!


Good Deal. Good guitar solo, a tad out of tune there...

Soundshifter responds:

I KNOW!!!! i regret not tuning. well thanks for listening.


This song kicks major ass! The music syncs very well and I enjoyed the guitar solo and bass. It was very well put together excellent job!

Soundshifter responds:

thank you

You had me going for a minute there...

I was impressed to see that such a minimalistic piece had been rearranged. The SMRPG soundtrack is awesome, and I like to seeing it get some spotlight.

And for a while there, I was really, really enjoying this piece. A nice orchestral re-imagining of the source with a wonderful violin sound. And then suddenly it hits 0:46 and it turns into techno with no transition and a /terrible/ synth sound on the melody.

This isn't to say that I don't like techno. Nor is it to say that I don't like techno and orchestral at the same time. But I don't like that squealy synth sound, and the transition was sudden and rude. I felt the techno sections were handled ineptly.

And then suddenly another genre change to soft rock, sudden, but I really like the lead guitar's sound there. Very peaceful, very mellow, easy on the ears. It actually fits with the overall feel, and were this connected to the orchestral section I would be praising the excellent arrangment and relaxing sound. The techno just overpowering, its high energy, high pitch clashing with the rest of the track, leaving me uncertain what you were trying to evoke with the piece as a whole.

This kind of track gets under my skin even more than music that I just outright dislike. There's music here that I really, =really= like, but it's sandwiched between sections that I can't stand listening to. It's aggravating because I find myself thinking about what this could have been without the sections I find grating--the orchestral beginning flowing into the soft rock mid-section would have been a quick favorite/5/10/download/link all my friends. This, however, is considerably less.

Soundshifter responds:

well thank you for listen to my track and taking the time to write a thorough review. i'm sorry you didn't care for it. no hard feelings.

How can a great game get better?

Make it's map theme MOAR EPIC!!

haha it good stuff mon props.

Soundshifter responds:

thank you :) i just wish the guitar wasn't out of tune at the end :( lazy me.