Reviews for "Skafandr music video"

Skafandr would be very proud

This is way better than any of the new stuff on the portal these days. Top quality. I like the way it flowed, and I like the way it's story was told. On par with all of the rest of your work.

Not as good as menya zovut shnur!!1

Well it is good but it won't take the place of Menya Zovut Shnur. In my mind at least.


Sweet style and such, I liked the way you did it. But I could understand wtf was going on. hehe. Maybe I'm just retarded. Sweet moov though


Words cannot describe how awesome this was. I'm not exagerating one bit - I don't know how to describe this other than...wow. I loved it.

I liked it. Yep.

Never have I seen the day's simple events put in such a marvelous way, lol. Good work.