Reviews for "Skafandr music video"

Not bad, not bad all.

Makes me think of the video for Royksopps Remind Me.


That was one very intense pice of work. Very beautiful. I loved the music as much as the graphics.

Somehow you manage to make the simple Complex.

I think I prefered Menya Zovut Shnur, but that's probably because it was fast paced, easier to understand, and I liked that track better. But this one is actually probably the actually better made one. It is amazing, you take a lot of simplist things, like signs, and maps, and combine them into something mind bending. While I prefered the other one, this is probably more Classic material. Keep up the amazing work.

not as good as menya

but itll do

Incredible !

All was there
The best flash I've ever seen. The music was excellent, and the flash was, like I said, incredible..