Reviews for "Boilgr"

awesome quality, but he doesn't look so well x)

Wow, amazing work. you lose half a star for putting penis and balls in there... seriously, his bottom lip looks like two penises touching with a pair of balls below. scroll down until bottom half of face, you'll definitely see it then. Did you put them in there on purpose, i think you did! :)

new desktop wall paper go

I like how you made the skin tone go from sickly to cancerous. You could get lost for hours staring at the numours folds and bumps on this sculpture.

Somewhat Reminiscent of Abobo, perhaps his father? Sylvester Stallone in rocky 12? New Dead Space Multiplayer character?
All in all Great Job! I'm envious of your skill.

His complexion is one of slight sadness, and it makes me wonder about his trouble isolated past and how others may have shunned him. Amazing artwork and attention to detail, good idea on focusing in on the face by blurring the outer edges, and the shadow work is really good.