Reviews for "Boilgr"

Reminds me of one of the unloved/unwanted faces from Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask

Doesn't look like it's supposed to be part of the piece and doubt it's my screen ...
how come there are vertical lines on the forehead (right side, just above the brow)?

Right side, meaning the right for Boilgr... not our right, which would be our left if you're looking for the lines

yea yea yea (dose not know what he looking at) uploads wait.................................ye- ohhhhhhh dear god what the hell is that thing it look like something off of left for dead the boomer mix with the smoker but good

umm, the lips look like 2 penises touching.

Absolutely love the shadowing! The concept is simple but the realism is what makes it. Those liver spots are really well done.

J: K! It's a ballchinian!