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Reviews for "crazy(hes gotta be)"

You already know my n***a...

I don't know where you found this beat but this shit is tight. You already finished the n***a you aiming this at as soon as you spit your first 4 bars lol, keep doing you my n***a, stay up.


straight killlin him doode, i dont even know who this n***a is and you murderd him. tell him to start diggin his grave!

mseemercury responds:

he stay mad good look


good ol merc on tracks, woot woot nice song i like the b eat is hot! not sure i like this spit though, i mean you sound 100% on it! but still this is not the best you have done but it is still very enjoyable. keep it up and im waiting for that CD man!

mseemercury responds:

i just have to disagree my old shit has lyricism but my flow is complete now


You hit em with a variety of vocal talents. This tracks got nice melodic range in it. For a diss track, this is actually a decent song. Usually diss tracks are bland and unoriginal, but this one's kind of creative. I like the line "You say the same shit like a skipping CD". The beat stops work to perfection. Nice work on this one.

P.S. Dissing the dead is an act of desperation. Sorry to hear about your daddy.

peace man

mseemercury responds:

i refer to him as a amazing father the world lost a great man but thx for a really good review man stay up and ill return the review tomorrow bro take care

hmm interesting song

I'm not sure who this is about... but anyway.. the organ part kinda reminds me of the WWE Kane theme song in wrestling.

mseemercury responds:

this is to a bitch named L E J... you know who lol