Reviews for "Newgrounds SIM v 1.2"

Cool game

So this was a cool little game here too bad this couldn't be upgraded with some medals seems like the perfect game to be upgraded with it's a brilliant idea and just the right details made none other then the best afro ninja himself a very fresh interface and crisp design the game was fun I enjoyed this one and loved it from start to finish


c00l game bro


Also, heres a tip:

If you want to get that Amazon item, or get alot of save/blam points, read the books. They help alot!

Strangely addictive. This game made me want to join Newgrounds and learn how to use flash. I like the balance in stats, only thing I wish is there to be more stuff to do.

When you work 25 hours in a day just because you're high enough level on Newgrounds.

But seriously, it was fun trying to unlock all the stickers to see what happens. I remember playing this when i was younger and I had no clue what to do.