Reviews for "Newgrounds SIM v 1.2"

Great idea and very addicting! I especially love the fact that you can pic your own profile pic from google, I thought that was a very nice touch. I just wish that you could do more with buying things, other than the flash stuff from amazon. Like maybe there could be a way you could buy newgrounds merch and it could make your cool points increase?


Note: This Review Contains Major Spoiler, and Contains Some Cheat code.

・Very Addictive.
・You can Become Newgrounds moderator or Admin.
・Emails That you receive have a lot of variations.
・You can choose Flash's Name.

・This game only has 1 Music.
・you can access only 2 Sites.

Cheat codes:
cashwad ・・・1000000$
indestructab13 ・・・3000hp
bbsspammer ・・・50000 BBS Posts
toomanyreviews ・・・50000 Reviews
highiq ・・・1000 intelligence
ilovepiracy ・・・Have Flash on start
takeoutthetrash ・・・Garbage Whistle

very addictive game, way ahead of its time

Funny stuff, but what is the money for after buying all products from Amazon?