Reviews for "Newgrounds SIM v 1.2"

You posted an amazing Newgrounds sim...
This is amazing nonetheless,
I don't know what to say I just wanted to say the first two lines

stats dwwz newgrounds profile!

Awesome but still don't know how to ad a picture

This game has taken me back for quite some time and it's still the nice 4-5 hour sim game I experienced all those years back as a kid. I visit this every couple of years because, despite my lack of skill, there's always been something charming about the old Newgrounds. I'm hoping there might be a sequel one day utilizing the new ways to use Newgrounds such as art to reach the top in different ways.

Still, this game holds up well after thirteen years and it's still one of my favorite sims. Glad to see you're still doing amazing work after who knows how long?