Reviews for "Newgrounds SIM v 1.2"


wow i cried lol jk its good veryyyy good u shud email me on some gaming tips... any1 mouse10305atyahoodotcom [[cant do URL's]] please email me on any tips on newgrounds but anyways the game was really good i played it for 3 days straight only stopping to eat food lol good job keep up the great work afro ninja ... i believe thats ur NG name

Cheats PleASE!

In beggining put user name as---->

What they do is for you to find out Have fun!

Its good, but i found a problem

whenever we level up, our maximum hp increases right? the problem is, whenever we rest, we dont reach the max of our hp..its only till 100...but the game was good overall.

kick ass

this has got to be one of the best sims ive played on newgrounds. keep up the good work because we need more awesome sims! i loved the emails and the depth of the newgrounds experience.

A very good game, very nice. I thought it was cool

It could have used some violence but overall it was good. Make more!