Reviews for "The Parastic Olsen Twins"

Not too mean spirited but just right. Heh it was funny in a sense wasnt hilarious but amusing at most

Interesting concept, put executed poorly.

As this is apperently one of your first animations, don't take this too seriously.

It was a depressingly poor video overall, with terrible graphics and even worse sound quality. The writing was awful, and I couldn't even finish watching it. You might want to take this submission off Newgrounds.


I threw up in my mouth because how ugly they or it was.


omfg that wass funny the only part i dint like was when the twin on her face slobered on the fridge the best part was when rico said "YOU ARE A HORRRIBLE MONSTER!!!!"

Brilliantly odd.

Wasn't very long, but it still amused me. Well done!