Reviews for "The Parastic Olsen Twins"


ahaha i loved the retard 1!! lol, good work, it seemed as thought the music overlapped the voice a bit much.

simple, but very funny

I can't stop watching this. Though the storyline is totally unimportant, and in my opinion the fun is mostly about mary-kate's face and speech, it's good for countless laughs. I contrast to other reviewers, I find it neither gory nor too radical. Instead, it's more like a short satire clip. graphics are good, sound is very good, humor is excellent. Pity it's a bit short... Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Why is this on the front page

If it was just a little toned down it could have been funny. Good idea bad representaion.

...........what the heck?

What the Heck was That?!?! That Was complete nonsence.

Not really Funny!

I thought that this was really stupid and really short. It really made no sense!