Reviews for "The Parastic Olsen Twins"

it sucked

sorry dude but that made absoulutly no sense what so ever


Holding up a store,HA!I agree just go bankrupt you malnurished spoiled brats,all your movies suck the big one.

dumb dumb and more dumb

those dumb twin are only good for one thing overated kiddie videos that are not that friggin great ..................... they are LAME


Wow, slightly creepy... Just what I needed! You did a good job with this, and did you ssy it was one of your firsts? Well then a double good job! ^_^

I hate the friggin Olsen twins! Hate them more now

I have always hated them! This is great to make fun of the stupid friggin twins from the firey bloody pits a' hell!!!!