Reviews for "The Parastic Olsen Twins"


well, I didn't really find this humorous, but I'm sure there are people out there who find this hilarious.


LOL, that was funny, anmd gross. The opening comment about every twin scenario was way right, they need to give up. Or do some pr0n. whatever. nice.


It's hard to understand this movie, mostly as is due to the fact that it's far too quiet. Doesn't look too interesting or funny, anyway. I'm sorry, this just really isn't good.

Fuck 'em

I liked it and it shows just how the Olsen twins are annoying.
I'd expect something like this on TV when they run out of ideas completely or after some weird twist of fate in the Olsen life. Something like a car crash or something else.


OHH my what have u done.....This is perhaps the most retarded fuckin thing ive seen yet....u say this is one of ur first...well it better be last u should be fuckin shot for makin a horribly god awful chunk of shit like this