Reviews for "The Parastic Olsen Twins"

Meegahabahanababa - Mary-Kate

I think the whole time I was staring at Mary-Kate... and not in a "oh she's so hot" kinda way. More like in a "the creator of this movie is disturbed" kinda way. =)

ausome ausome

that's pretty funny. And yeah i would probally throw up too if i saw something like that.


OMG, PLEASE tell me you've seen the movie Basket Case!

If not, you should.

I found this hilarious, btw.


This was definately strange. Almost to the point of sickening, but the fundamentals were really well done. Good graphis & sound and if it weren't so sickly weird, the style would be through the roof. Keep an open mind if watching this one.

Too weird for me.

This explanation might not make sense, but I gave this a three because the quality was too good for a low score, and it isn't the sort of thing one can take a neutral stance on and give a two.

It is well done, but I don't think I liked it. Too freaky, man.