Reviews for "The Mr. Cooper Collection"

Noooo! Why is the review score so low?

This was great! My favs were Flash Edition and Mr. Cooper's Secret. Why can't people understand that entertainment is what's important in a movie?

Superb Collection.

i dont know how u guys pull it off on making it thru the flash portal. but im glad they curvive cause the collections rule. mr. coopers secret was the best outta this collection it was something a little different.


ver good

It took THREE people to make this?

This is basically a series of still pictures with text, and the bare minimum of animation. You know, you could get away with that if the presentation was interesting, but this is really just a series of lame ass jokes, none of which are funny. (Oh yes, a WOMAN asking for a blowjob, that's hysterical...)

What seems crazy to me as it took THREE people to make this crap! THREE! WTF?


unfunny and in poor quality sorry a 0 from me