Reviews for "(2005) NotYorFriendAnymor"

I love your work

I've watch all of your klay movies. I love em, never cease to amaze me my dear friend.

Another Excellent Movie By Knox...

A little more depth wouldn't hurt, but then again depth isn't really needed to make me laugh in a Knox claymation ^_^. I really couldn't see you changing your style much, since I think your style now is hilarious and don't see why it needs much changing (but of course many disagree). I love the pringles duck bit, it brought back memories for me, and I bet it did for others, too.

talk about touching

i know just how that guy with the red hat feels..only harvey is a girl.......but it made me laugh for the first time in a few days...awesome

Knox kicks Gumbys ass

Knox, your "Klay Animation" is byfar the best I seen. I been watching your Flash videos for a long time now and I never have been unsatsified with any of the Flash videos. Every time you upload a new flash it seems the Quality and sound is beter. The Humor, like always, is great. So keep up the good work! Lastly, I can't wait for your DVD to be finish (if it isnt)!


Curly fries, curly fries, i love this more than curly fries