Reviews for "(2005) NotYorFriendAnymor"


He turned his head so much and it got torn off..HAH

how do you come up with this?

knox, you are the creator of the claymations on the web and still the best! this movie hilarious!!!!!!!! i can't think of anything you can improve on anything. don't stop making claymations!!!!!!!!!!!!

U cant go changin our secret handshake

do u understand me no no no no no *split* OMG SO HILARIOUS srry but i stole ur secrethandshake ditltittid keep on I LOVE IT K^P

OmgLolz Roffle

Knox, you have done it again.
I am your biggest fan, but i cant buy your movie, because, well, i'm not old enough to get a job :P Keep up the good work

My hero.

All your flashes are just so amazing. They always make me laugh, and I still have the macaronie song and the curly fries song in my head. haha. I have your movie Klayworld off the table, and I can't wait for villain to come out. keep up the good work =]]