Reviews for "Traveller in the Night"


As a late-night trekker, usually to 711 or the park or even a neighboring town, I'm always on the look-out for music like this. It describes in it the long, twilight road ahead, never knowin where to end up come morning. Thats what I feel, anyway, so ya done good! .. not that your skills astringent on my approval, of course.

Vloklor responds:

Nice to know i made something someone can relate to :)

cool ideas but..

here's my review

Instrument/synth Blend--- 1/2
Accuracy--------------- 1/1
Clear Concept ------- 1/1
Originality------------- 2/3
Appeal----------------- 3/3

Total------------------- 8/10

Instrument Blend:
All your synths blend together nicely the lead seems to be maybe a little too loud but nothing to extreme the intro sounds awesome it has a nice harmony to it and it caught my attention but the lack of sounds as the song progresses you keep one note playing maybe for a little too long

everything seems in place and nothing is off beat all the notes compliment each other very well (although there is some room for improvement) maybe adding some more behind the lead synth to make it sound fuller.

Clear Concept:
I can see how this is called "Traveler in the Night" that intro certainly gives that feeling

the song is decently original becasue its not a generic trance song it has a different style than most other stuff (it has sort of a waterflame style)

well like i said that intro definitely appealed to me and i liked it from the beginning good job dude

4/5 but ill rate 5 anyways cause i don't want to break the streak

Vloklor responds:

Thanks for the indepth review, definitely gives me somethings to consider in the next thing ill make



Vloklor responds:

Thanks :)