Reviews for "Quilbert"

very nice start

thanks guys, for reaffirming the fact that you don't need incredible graphics skills to make a damn good movie. though your animations are fledgling at best, your humor is well-placed and random enough to elicit lots of laughs. keep at it, keep drawing, your sound is great too. don't take harsh reviews too personally. just keep plugging.


not too bad for a first animation, pretty random, but i liked your efforts on this one.

dude that sucked

ya i live in canada in my igloos and with my pet beaver and my family and i always go to mountains to chop down trees.. yup sounds like canada to me... but wait! =O i was lying

HappyBalloon responds:

dude were actually canadian, it was making fun of how people think of canada, you didn't notice the sudden change from sun to snow? it was meant to be a stupid joke to make fun of americans in a way.

Canuck Self Deprecation

What is W doing running around in his underwear in the Great White North? Good job generally. Just leave out the handgun random shooting stuff because it does nothing to add to humor. Good graphics, okay sound ... scripted voices were funny.

Worst. Movie. Ever. At least for today.

The best part of this movie was the 5 seconds before I clicked on it.