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Reviews for "Boot to the Head!"

i lol'd

the two parts that made me lol the most was when the waiter got pwnt and the granny booted death in the face.

he did not make this

its maid by Dr.Demento and this is not the hole thing the Frantics /ti Kwan leap: boot to the head this jack ass should not be given credit for this abomination

TmsT responds:

That's what I thought too, originally, but it turns out that the song was merely featured on Dr Demento's show and was incorrectly tagged by audio file pirates. You don't download pirated audio files do you? Me neither.


lol the boot to da head song is hilarious

this is so funny

oh my goodness this is so funny and i like the way you used mexican music as a nativ from mexico i give you 2 thumbs up..........or was it three oh well and there are so many people like that in the video that you do just want to give them a boot to the head but you should have added extremely hot girls who think they are better than anybody and give them the cleat to the head that would have made my day
ps. i do like the hot girls but they do get annoying

Love Demento

I have a request. Could you do, "Happy Home" or "They are coming to take me away"? (They are the same song, I just don't know the real title. It would be awsome if you made it!