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Reviews for "Boot to the Head!"


A fantastic flash, nice style, well presented, good song, loved it. Keep up the good work.

my first not all 10's :O OH MY GOD!!!

I gave it a 9 for style,
cause Im republican...

TmsT responds:

OMG j00 R stpudi lol j00 suxor lol j0000 such bush sux sux sux suxxxxxlol i r smar0t than j00000 DESERT EGAL BANG BANG j()() R PWND!1111


Top notch, as per usual

TmsT responds:

Some folks would say that the bonus footage animation is of better quality than the rest the movie itself. And for them, I say... "HE'S STEALING THE FORMULA!"

It was alright

Not one of your better flash but it's okay. The art wasn't very appealing and animation seemed like frames were skipping. The song was the main theme of the comedy and the skits you provided were fair but not laugh out loud material. Nice one.


Aint enjoyed myself so much all day! Your a genius, whats the song called?

Oh oh wait...its in the Credits