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Reviews for "Boot to the Head!"


I love it...


awesome song and flash. I just wish it was of better quality.

very cool

two thumbs up, man: one for making a funny ass video, and another for making the political crybaby below shit his diaper. Great work, and keep it up!

it is kinda funny.....

but something tells me whoever made this cartoon deserves a boot to the ass. nice animation, but you need to chill the fuck out with the bush bashing. i know you left wing nutjobs cant get enough of it but that shit aint cute... . i once was on the left... but then i did some homework... and i learnd what it was all about. when you vote democrat.. you vote to give up freedoms to the government. vote republican, you give up fewer freedoms. but go my way and vote libertarian-- and vote to gain more freedom!! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT MUDDAFACKOS!!!!

nice video

nice video for a good song. I like the dumb politition (sorry for spelling) part and you put Gorge Bush.