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Reviews for "[a.] Stickerbrush Symphony"

Very nice

Of all of the remixes of this song that I've heard, this one is by far the best. It takes the original tune and adds to it beautifully. Unlike ImperfectDisciple below me, I have listened to the original many times, and I have to say that this is a perfect rendition of this tune. The original is very soothing to listen to, and I am glad to say that this song keeps that soothing quality, unlike some other remixes of this song.

Rawrthaas responds:

Thank you

hmm.... i know it as "bramble scramble"

well, i myself have a remix of this particular tune on NG. and honestly, your mix makes mine look like a joke. you did a fantastic job with this...


This is my fav song from donkey kong country 2 and you turned it into a very nice techno it like the brambles all turned into crystal. just butiful....sorry for the spelling


astolfo astolfo astolfo astolfo astolfo astolfo

A very interesting mix. :)

I have not listened to the original, but this is quite the rendition here. Different than the usual game tunage that I'm familiar with. Let's break this down, eh?

-Mixing/Technical Work: Beautiful. It seems like everything that was intended came out nicely. The drums were beautiful in sound. The first hit sounds a bit distorted though. Doesn't make for a great beginning. Could be the speakers though. Look into it though?

-Lovely bass and synth sounds. The drums...idk what to make of them. I love the rhythms, but the drums don't seem to fit the flowing, rich, jungle-like picture. What I mean is this: they stick out. I don't know if that's volume or sound (EQ) stuff.

Music: Enjoyed the synth work, so no comments there.

-Let's talk drums. The entrance at :38 (ish) for the drums was a bit abrupt. Try putting a fill in there to keep the idea of transition going. This is a very flowing piece by the sounds of it. Keep the surprises to a minimum as far as those transitions go.

- :46-48 was rough without any cymbal. This part would be better with a more real drumkit (if not, a real drumkit), but it doesn't stand out with sampled drums. Add more rhythmic cymbal hits, keep the flowing pace going.

-The drums going out were great. It was abrupt, but the drum fill really made the transition natural, and then that heavy bass hit said "yes, we're done."

-Overall: Lovely stuff going here. I always find something amazing in your stuff.


Rawrthaas responds:

Thanks man. Didn't notice the beginning.