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Reviews for "[a.] Stickerbrush Symphony"


dont usually liek these slow songs but once again this is T____________________________________
________s awesome i cant deny it. lol
btw NPK NPK NPK(dont know what that is also)

I was loving it...

until the drums came in. Maybe that's just because I was expecting it to stay chilled out and when the drums came in double time I was disappointed. Also I didn't think the acoustic / real sound of them went with all the other electronic sounds.

You've still made an amazing version of this classic VG tune though.

Pretty good

I like the theme and beat to it, but I would have liked it even more if the main sound being used throughout the song wasn't as high pitched. However, the ending was put together very well.


mang thats just danderful and wonderfundle lol ok song but since were NPK heres a 10/10 and a 5/5 i only say its ok cuz these arent really my songs bra

Rawrthaas responds:


hmm.... i know it as "bramble scramble"

well, i myself have a remix of this particular tune on NG. and honestly, your mix makes mine look like a joke. you did a fantastic job with this...