Reviews for "Imp episode 22"


great!!adding all those bustin fans to the series was a nice move!you could add a jonh club fan to the series(they would all probabli die)!

i like this on just as much as I.M.P episode 24

this is still just as funny as I.M.P episode 24 but when is I.M.P episode 25 going to come

Great job

This is one of the best Newgrounds movies i ever saw. All the episodes of IMP Rulez i can't wait until episode 25 comes out. Good job Roger!

(ps: who did the voice of Blair?)


Never have I denied loving these movies, they're awesome, great stories and somewhat very funny running gags and great style for every character. Keep up the good work and I'n now gonna check the rest of the IMP out cos they're just awesome man!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

cool, glad you like em so much then :)

Fell in Love

Roger Good and vere funny Movie(p.s)I like nice girls and I love Female Turtles but if I become a member (That I won't)I tell her how I feel about her.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Hope Luc won't meddle then :S