Reviews for "Deimos"

awesome :D

Arh ... Can't find a word that show how awesome it is !

P.-S. : the G-36 without stock looks weird ... Oh well whatever, it's not as if it was turning the whole thing into crap ._.

P.-P.-S. (yeah, my mind is busy, I know ... ^^') : I'd like to know if there's a wider version of this picture that I may use as a wallpaper ...

Krinkels responds:

I really gotta start makin these into wallpaper versions for you guys.


Very nicely done. The gun in his right hand, however, seems to be at an odd angle to the way he is actually holding it.
Excellent drawing anyway, I hope to see him make a return in the next chapter of Madness Combat! :D

HOLY fuck.

I like drawings like this where they make madness people into real people cause that looks, eh um... BADA**