Reviews for "Deimos"

BONK and epic. Although i do have one question WHY HAVENT YOU BEEN POSTING KRINKELS?!
(sorry yes i know you have a life while im just fucking sitting at ma laptop day and night but WHY?!)

La cara párese como si fuera viejo pero de resto bien

yo I like your older drawings better... but still pretty rad

It's OK, but Deimos here is too realistic.

Lines are good, but you definitely need to work on your shading man. Everything looks like if it was made of smooth sheets of rubber - no texture, no diversity in values or shine, and worst - I have no idea where light is supposed to come from. From the front, as it seems on the gun and the arm (but not on magazine)? Angled from the right, as the hand holding MP5k isn't shadowed by the body? All I know is, design-wise it looks cool, pose is good, bit tones are a trainwreck. (Also, this grip would look slightly more comfortable if you didn't nix stock on that G36 - it'd serve as some counterbalance. But that's just nitpicking.)