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Reviews for "Whats buried deep in da j"

creepy 0_0

wow, this song is creepy, nice one, maybe can work for me later, good job :D

winKoneR responds:

I´m glad you liked it ! Feel free to use it in your future submissions, just gimme a credit ;) Thanks for voting and review !

I know what's deep buried in DA jungle

A kick ass song , drum were good, it gives that mystery feeling, the other sounds were great


winKoneR responds:

thank you dude ! I wanted to add some mystery in it because I get inspired by the Crysis soundtrack tunes, which gives the feeling of this mystery island... I´m glad that you liked that ;)

We're definately not alone out here...

A group of travelers go through a dense jungle toward the border of the lands. The air is quiet and thick, each footstep being heard crunching the thick underbush of the jungle. No birds are heard in this jungle...all is quiet as the trio make their way through. However, all that is heard is their own footsteps along with the intial breath that shows them they are still alive...however, they know something is amiss here. They cannot stop staring out into the bushes and trees that seem to stretch as far as their eyes can see, as if trying to see some invisible enemy beyond the naked eye. Suddenly the leader stops them and they halt dead in their tracks. The leader looks ahead of them, his eyes narrowing as if he be trying to pierce through the darkness of the growth before him. He slowly turns to his fellow travelers and whispers, "We're being followed...we're definately not alone out here..." -Last words of Kanon Habair, before being taken by the Tribe. Excellent ambient piece Kone. I can't wait to see if any flash artist's will use this in any of their pieces. Keep cranking them out.