Reviews for "xKore - Digital Wonderland"

gotta hate the 0-bombers

i would know about em, but my music doesnt sound as professional.
ANYWAYS to the review, to me the kick needs a wee bit more bass and probably a little more flare would really bring this song around.
i try desperatly not to make generic trances (yours isnt, but i digress) so my stuff really needs some pro touches.

It is the Most Professional thing you've ever made

The first like second said it all for me.

Dayumn ngers these days, grow up so fast.


Nice but there is no fire in it.

Perfect balance.

All the ambient sounds in the background matching with the melodies really brings this song to life. It's very well balanced, the drop was nice and the follow-through all the way to the end. With everything in place I will say this is a very great piece.



I'm gonna molest newgrounds if this doesn't get Top 5 after what has been on there the past few weeks. Pretty pro sounding stuff man!