Reviews for "Resident IPS"

that was awesome man!

at first it seemed kinda serious then it seemed kinda funny, then kinda serious again...i loved it up until you skipped over half the movie but for the first half i still voted 5 and the part with the giant snake was funny and i loved the sprites. next time you make a movie like this dont skip around like that


I liked it, but I want to know where u got the zombie sprites? I've been searching 'em for like an eternity. Please respond. :p

Blackan responds:

I got the Zombie Sprites from http://sprites.fireball20xl.com, the Zombie Sprites are from "Zombie Ate my Neighbours" Game


Hey, wow this is nice im now a big fan of this, you ever going to continue your other projects and if you are ( can you make me a character ) :)...

Blackan responds:

I'm mainly Focusing on my Series "Brennan's World" this was just made to Entertain you people and Also I can't Add you in, it's a Full House with a Total of 30 Something characters in BW and if I add more Characters in it'll Reck the Plotline, maybe next time

loved it

i never thought i'd say this, but resident evil has just got better.
keep up the good work, can't wait for the sequal!!!

hah funny

will you take the shotgun


thats great ugh man kool-aid