Reviews for "Resident IPS"

This was good! (b\_(^_^)_/b)

Keep up the good work.

Nice work

im gonna start on resident evil too but im not found any backgrounds can u help me E-mail me ok :D

Blackan responds:

O.O I never thought I get a review after awhile, sure I'll help you

that was awesome man!

at first it seemed kinda serious then it seemed kinda funny, then kinda serious again...i loved it up until you skipped over half the movie but for the first half i still voted 5 and the part with the giant snake was funny and i loved the sprites. next time you make a movie like this dont skip around like that

You get extra points for the Metal Arms Reference

It was quite good, but a little quick, I mean, you left out a huge chunk. The Monster bit brought a smile too. But you get the majority of your extra marks for the MA:GITS reference. I sure hope they make a sequel to that game, it was great...

Blackan responds:

Woah?.......oh my God I'm not Alone, Yes, I'm a Fan of Metalarms and I too hope they make a Sequel of the Game as well, I was thinking of making a Metalarms Flash soon, so keep an eye out :D, thanks for the Review


All I can say is it woulda've been better with some audio voices added.