Reviews for "Resident IPS"

That was a good sprite movie^_^

I'd like to see more^_^.

Blackan responds:

Maybe later

well that was fun

I liked it. The only thing that I didn't like about it was them annoying sound effects. There were just too much of em. But I liked it.

jesus christ that was hilarious

i loved the scene where they are in the lab place and they need a torch and they see tha monster then it turns to kool ade dude and then then it disapears

by the way u are a lazy bum for not telling us what the hell happened

Blackan responds:

Well isn't it Easy to know what happens? if you play Resident Evil, you'll get the Idea


I liked the zoom effects, as well as the rest of it, just not the text dialogue.

Its Cool!

haha! You Used The Zombies Ate my Neighbors Sprites Huh? Funny! Will You Be Making A Second?

Blackan responds:

Congrats :D you get a Free Doughnut XD anyway, there is a Second Planned but it's not gonna be made by me though, it's gonna be made by LenZ (the Creator of Egocity)