Reviews for "Resident IPS"


Really good! The sprites are beautiful, and even though you didn't use voices, the speech boxes with an icon for each character were great!
Oh, and great use of Resident Evil sound fx

Pretty good

It was pretty funny, and not just completely off the wall random crap, not the best I've ever seen, but it was pretty good.

Not very good.

The graphics were really sucky, you ad to push that arrow button to move along (which was really annoying), and you didn't even include any original RE characters. Next time, please do. One funny thing, though, was the part with the big monster being replaced by the Kool Aid Man.

Blackan responds:

Reason Why is because it Contained IPS Characters, not the Original RE Characters, it's more like other Characters getting mixed up in RE Situlations


i'ts OK but the graphics were very ugly and that made the movie be boring.


the funnyies part was when they turn the light on and off then u see kool aid he was ugly good movie and the song u got 4 the credits wat was that i like

Blackan responds:

It was the Resident Evil 2 Opition Menu, Thanks Dood, If your Free, be sure to check out my Series "Brennan's World"