Reviews for "Resident IPS"

i like pepsi

but coke is better


lol i likw the part when he finds the shotgun: Will you take the shotgun? >yes no kool-aid pepsi. And I also like at the scene in the hallway where the thing turned into the kool-aid guy.

demonhunter212 is an idiot

excellent flash worthy of the grade I give it....

To demonhunter212:
You are a RETARD. did you even watch the flash? at the end when the credits were rolling it said "Music: (Resident Evil Duh)" You FUCKING MORON!!!!


That was pretty good and original.

I just have one question to ask you where did you get all the Resident Evil music from?

If you could answer me that would be great

Pretty nice

Wow... that was pretty funny. Graphics were bad, but definantly worth watching. I loved the sound though. Those major plot noises were just almost too much lol. Great job!