Reviews for "Resident IPS"

That was great!

make this into a series.Make more RE movies.

Blackan responds:

Well maybe later, I'm trying to Focus on my Other Series (Brennan's World) at the time being

Good Job

Good Job Brennan! That last zombie got squished :P

Blackan responds:

yes, he got Owned by a RAT (rapid armour Tranport)

sweet stuff from blackan productions!

wow very well organised and neat! not to mention u have ur own style in this. Keep it up cus no faults i could find in this lol its kinda perfect in a sense! WELL DONE
P.S i will say this again: ppl who respond to reviews ROX rolf :)

Blackan responds:

Thanks mate :D

very nice

I'm busy so I'm just going to say good work...

Blackan responds:

We'll all Busy XD

Pretty good!

I'd have to say that this is a mighty fine flash!

The humor was a little lacking at times but at some points it was just hilarious ^^..Could even make it to the front page!:P

Hope to see more parodies...Maybe do a Halo one after this!

Blackan responds:

Well I might, but I'm more of a Metalarms Fan than Halo XD but maybe one day