Reviews for "Resident IPS"

Not Too Funny

That was a good flash but isn't really my idea of funny. Still a good flash though, could've used more comedic situations.

Cool movie

Nice job, it was very interesting, you should remake other resident evil games like this.

Good one!

yeah you could stop some of the sound effects..gets a bit annoying at times.. lol
but it was a great flash and i hope to see more from you (with an improvement in the joke part :D)

nice, but could be better

the sprite animation was cool, but you could have done better with the jokes. and you used the record stopping sound effect waaaaay too much

Blackan responds:

I guess I overdid that ^_^'

Not bad, zombies=good

I felt it played a little like an RPG taht you never get a turn in. It was a bit boring but it got entertaining about half way through and it ended up pretty good although I wanted to see some more zombies get run over