Reviews for "Resident IPS"

nice little resident evil spoof

it was animated pretty good (the text could use some help) good job and good luck in the future ^_^

Almost 5th place!

Looking at the score right now, ya might get 5th place! Good for you. ^^

There are somethings I would have changed. The Record Scratch was very annoying. It was ok the first and second time, but you kill jokes once youve overused them. Also, I think you could have done more with the ending. It sorta left me dissapointed.


it get's kinda boring clicking and reading


Nice stuff, i liked the giant monster of doom!

Great Job Brennan!

This is something that I haven't seen in a long time: RE+Kool-Aid+Pepsi= Inferno Madness of Eeevil XD
It's true that the record scratch is a little annoying, but ur jokes took care of that. Especially the Kool-Aid randomly appeared thing.
Keep up the good work!

Blackan responds:

heh ^_^' Sorry about that, Thanks LenZ, and if it wasn't for your Sprites this might have never been Existed XD