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Reviews for "Power Star"

Better than Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom

My eyes were focused on the computer screen, I couldn´t move them away from it - I was staring at YOUR MOVIE, unable to believe what I saw. I was amazed by the almost ridiculously extreme fighting skills possesed by the characters in this movie.

Congratulations, I never thought there could be a movie with better fighting-animations with Mario-characters than the "Rise of Mushroom Kingdom"-series. You´ve definetively beaten it.

You succesfully got rid of the minor bugs in your last Mario-series (Mario Allstar Adventure) (still I can recomand everyone to watch these!) that keept it away from becoming better than ROTM, which were:
- sometimes missing soundeffects
- the speaking-bubbles (doesn´t fit to the situation)
- wrong music-cuts and sometimes bad scene-cuts

You got straight to the action - this is the right way to go, I can only encourage you to continue!!

You fuckin rule man i mean it

you my friend were born to make fight scenes............that was just......................wow im speechless *pulls out lightsaber and stabs self through head in honor of your awesomeness* that was just tight

now this is impossible to beat!

i thought it was impossible to make a good movie with sprites. you provved me wrong and i hpoe the next one will be even better. more at the menu will make it seem like an official movie i.e. after bonus, put another menu with at least two options. mj and bs sprite dances!


I'm speechless. It's like god in a better form. LOL. Anyway that is fucking awesome. Just fucking great. GOD. What the fuck. That's awesome.

kill bill: nintendo style!

this is great, no...its awesome! I cant wait for the next one, plz hurry!