Reviews for "Castlevania - Steps of Legend"


..sounds awesome :D

kelwynshade responds:


Yeah ok...

It's good, I suppose. :P Nah, I'm only teasing. I never played the games but I've heard the music from time to time and Castlevania has some incredible songs. I definitely like your renditions of them. :)

kelwynshade responds:

Yeah, I should quit making music. It's all your fault!!!

Thanks ^_^

This is awesome

I can now see why Afro-Ninja and Egoraptor picked you as their music guy, This is amazing stuff you have!

kelwynshade responds:

Heh, I appreciate it. They're both great guys, so we'll have a good time on this project. Glad you enjoyed the track.


I have to disagree with Grand-Master 82 very strongly, this is everything that castlevania is and so much more. There are a lot of slower songs that fit into castlevania (just play symphony of the night and there must be at least 5 tracks on it.) This song captures the essence of the castlevania games, takes a bit from songs already made, adds its own original feel, and then mixes it all together to make it a masterpiece. Greatest castlevania tribute ever. 5/5 and 10/10 AND downloaded, kudos to you.... you earned every point.

kelwynshade responds:

Yeah, I feel the same way. The newer games actually have many tracks that convey the slower feeling of danger. I'm happy you liked it. I really aimed for adding some originality to the Castlevania realm.

WOW blew my mind lol!

Ok this is gunna be a pretty big suprise as most ppl rank these games as very good and most players have played them but I have never played one not one castlevania game lol. But anyhow the song blew me away I really like this kind of music and never really thought castlevania had anything like this in it. Please make more !! everything you used for the sound is top notch though I woulda like some bass in there with the little 5 little beats coming in the backround. but then it would be more hip hopish lol. Anyhow I really hope you release more castlevania music soon I will definitly be on the lookout for you and im adding u to my favs great job 5/5 10/10 =]

kelwynshade responds:

Well, my friend, do yourself a favor and jump into Castlevania right away. Personally, Symphony of the Night will always be my absolute favorite title, so I highly recommend that one. I grew up with the NES games, but something about SotN made it my all-time favorite.

And thanks, glad you liked it.