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Reviews for "Nim's Winter tale"


You are very talented as a graphic artist. Nice lighthearted story to put a person in a very surreal mood. This film is a simple pleasure as are all the things depicted. Very sublime. Thank you.


that film is class i agree with guy below me, nice m8


that was great, the graphics where amazing, and the stoy was great to 10/10


It was well past 4:30AM eastern when i started watching this, and I found out that I couldnt have picked a better time to do so. The silence, the dark and the beautiful ambiance of the whole movie had me smiling from the opening theme to the very end of the credits. I applaude this work of art.

How charming

It's worth the ten.
The backgrounds were so beautiful, they must have taken you forever! I loved all of the snow covered trees in the twilight! And, though some people didn't seem to like it, I thought the Swedish narrative added a great deal of weight to it, sort of like hearing a story spoken in Old English does. It makes it more otherworldly and magestic.
I loved the little details you added, like Nim hanging his key outside the door. I lived in the South for a while and it killed me how people never locked their houses or their cars because the idea of people taking your things was just so unthinkable to them. I once met a woman who kept all of her antique "good silver" in an unlocked curio cabinet. I once asked her about it and she said that if someone were to break into her house and steal it, they obviously needed it way more than she did and God bless them. :)
Truly, this flash was so whimsical and playful... I just loved it! A beautiful story. Thanks!