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Reviews for "Nim's Winter tale"

10 out of 10

these words are merely a formality. they are only here to fill in the void under the 10 stars you've just been given. enjoy and keep up the good work!

Simply Magnificent...

Need I really say more about it?

My my my....

Ola, this is a very beautiful story, and not just in terms of how warm it makes one feel. It's a spirit of its own, displayed with stunning visuals and entrancing music. You seem to have meshed all these together with such poise that it created this meaningful and spiritual wonderment that is never often found in art today. I thank you very much for sharing your amazing talent, and I look forward to seeing more of it.

(tender quality)

"... grown-ups should believe in fairies too.
the world would be a much better place" .
This isn't quite exactly what was written in your sweet tale but... Well, that part of the animation it's the truth and it melted my heart ^.^

A bit of a torture for impatient watchers like myself, but time spent is well worth it. You do have a great and calm atmosphere in here and little details (like the key outside the door or the little Nim flying in a cute and adorable way when feeding the horse) that enrich the tale you're telling.


Like the person below me, I can say nothing less than that this is a great piece of art. You obviously put a great deal of work in it, and it shows in every bit. The story flows well, very peaceful, relaxing, very enjoyable to watch. Thank you for letting us all view this amazing piece of work.