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Reviews for "Nim's Winter tale"

Excellent beyond anything

Truthfully, I only have patience to watch excellent movies, and after a while on this site, I have found numerous movies that are worth mentioning, and I like to have the honour of including yours on my list. It is meaningful and it shows other people (who aren't Swedish) your valued culture, traditions and beliefs.
I agree with you: we should be able to hang our golden, shiny keys next to our doors and not worry a thing about it.
I enjoyed the movie even more when it's snowing outside (amazingly in May).
Also, it made more sense at the end for those who has the patience to watch it, as it reveals that Nim is in fact a pixie. Magical beings are to be respected, and this film showed it.
Finally, I think that if it was English audio, the portrayal of the theme would not be carried across as effectively as it had been in Swedish. Besides, foreign languages are cool XD


it was lovely...so beautiful..


Happy flashes are rare in the portal, and it's rather nice to see that some of the best flashes are the happier ones. Outstanding artistry. Everything from Nim to Russ, the horse, the forest... everything was well drawn and drew me in. The pink camels threw me off, but it definitely established the fact that Nim was dreaming. The animation was fluid and crisp. The smallest details weren't overlooked. From the sleeping giant, to Russ's breathing, to the smoke from the stacks, it all flowed extremely well. The music selection was superb. It really established this rural, easygoing theme that permeated this flash. I do have to admit Mr. Flannigan's music has a slight Celtic tone to it, which seemed out of place in a Sweedish film. Still, it was fitting.

Sweet :3

And it's just like a fairy tale. :) Nothing unpleasant, just simple and wonderful.


Beautiful storytelling, and great use of tweens on the lanterns and the sled. I can imagine how long it must have taken you to put this together. ^^